Below are some of the most common questions we’re asked. If your question is not answered, you can ask your dedicated account manager once you’ve created your account or ask your friend that’s referring you.

To qualify, you must be over 18 and currently living in the UK.
Earning cashback is very simple. As affiliates to big brands such as Bet365, Paddy Power and 888sport to name a few, we earn a generous commission every time we deliver a new customer that makes their first deposit. We then give your deposit funds back and share the affiliate commission with our customer (you).
A typical cashback service provides returns in 30-60 days, we provide your deposit and profits within 2 weeks.
We have provided this service for many people; most customers join via a referral from an existing customer, if it’s worked for them it will certainly work for you as well. You can start with as little as £10 to prove that it works. We guarantee you will make 50% cashback up to £400 deposited.
Choose from any of the following plans, below.

a) £20 Cashback
Deposit £10 get £30 - that's £20 profit in 7 days.

b) £50 Cashback
Deposit £100 get £150 - that's £50 profit in 7 days.

c) £200 Cashback
Deposit £400 get £600 - that's £200 profit in 2 weeks.

You can upgrade between any plan, whenever you like!
You can only participate once. However, you can repeat the process with other people you know, for example family or friends.
Typically, nobody has more thana few bookmaker accounts prior to joining our service, you will still earn cashback. You will earn 50% cashback up to £400. How much is successfully deposited you will get a return on that amount. For example, if we’re able to deposit £200 you will get back £300 (£100 profit). Feel free to make your account manager aware of any existing accounts you may already have.
We value our customers very much and continue to offer a way for them to make money by referring. Therefore,you must have participated in any of the cashback plans mentioned in point 5.
Jason Peterson

Jason Peterson Liverpool

Easiest £200 anyone will make. Generous referral program too, highly recommended!

David Clark

David Clark Oxford

All it took was 10 minutes of my time and the support team were really helpful.

Shannon Davidson

Shannon Davidson London

There's free money on the table, just take it!